Vision Therapy Success Stories

“My daughter…started vision therapy one year ago… Before therapy she had difficulty decoding words and reading fluently… In first grade she told me “reading is not my thing!”… After one year of therapy… she had finished reading and enjoying many books… She said to me “Mommy, I used to think that books were bad, now I realize that it was my eyes that were bad…She is now confident, happy…feels good about herself and likes school…” – Lisa M.

“My daughter has been receiving vision therapy… We noticed the improvement in her eyes within the first three sessions… We highly recommend the doctors and the office…” – Polina I.

“My son…enjoyed coming. The sessions were fun and challenging… The changes he made in therapy were life changing…He used to experience headaches on a daily basis…The headaches have stopped…once he learned the correct way to converge his eyes…” – Stacy R.

“We really appreciated the patience and kindness of Dr. Fisher and her amazing staff… Everyone went out of their way to make my child feel comfortable and encourage her to do her best…Now that she has finished her therapy, her OT and PT goals have been met…We are so proud of our daughter…” – Anita S.

“…(My daughter had) difficulty with homework, (and) frustration with her reading… Following vision therapy, she is no longer frustrated…and gets her (home) work done quickly…She enjoys reading now…” – Amanda G.

“My daughter…was really struggling in school and her self-esteem was at an all-time low. After… the (vision therapy) exercises… she is now able to do her schoolwork almost on her own…she is happy…and reading on grade level…Vision therapy was the best thing I could have done for my daughter…” – Carla D.

“(My son) now loves to read… he completes his homework rapidly and efficiently… His ability to hit a baseball is markedly better…It is a pleasure to see him do these “everyday” tasks so well…” –Katherine Q.

“Prior to…vision therapy, my child told me that words would move when she tried to read… Since her treatment started she stopped complaining of the words moving…Now she enjoys reading…We have enjoyed seeing her grow confident in her reading skills and overall in schooling…” – Desiree

“I have enjoyed working with Dr. Han…She is patient, through and a lot of fun…All my work with Dr. Han has allowed me to drive again…” – Robert K.

“My son…has experienced incredible success with vision therapy…His improved visual function has improved his school performance…But the most noticeable improvement has been in sports…” – Keith W.

“Thank you for treating my daughter…It was so nice to see the progress with her reading and self-confidence as well…I also noticed less resistance to doing her homework…” – Margaret R.

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