Contact Lens Exam

At Susan Fisher OD, we promise to be the best of the best when treating your eye and vision care needs. When it comes to contact lenses, our optometrists provide both corrective lens evaluations and prescription management.

Contact lenses can be used to correct a refractive error (commonly known as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism depending on the error). 

After a comprehensive eye and vision evaluation, the doctor will discuss the variety of contact lens options available to you and assist in the selection of the type that best fits your vision needs and lifestyle. 

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How Much is the Contact Lens Exam Fee and How is that Determined?

As every set of eyes are different, so are our eye exams.  We take several factors into consideration when evaluating the test components necessary to get a complete picture of your eye health.

The doctor can only determine the exact level of fitting after completing the exam when all the patient’s needs have been assessed.

We are more than happy to discuss the full range of prices upfront with any patient based on previous contact lens history and what the patient desires to use going forward.



Factors  Considered

The complexity of the fit

Many options for vision correction exist and have varying levels of complexity to determine the optimal Rx. These options include spherical lenses (most common), toric lenses for astigmatism, monovision, and bifocal lenses.

Patient’s ocular health

The condition of the eyelids, conjunctiva, cornea, and tear film all affect the optimal contact lens material, shape, and care. As general health and medical conditions affect ocular vision, these must be taken into consideration as well.

History of previous eye surgeries or injuries

Corneal irregularities or eye sensitivity can be the result of eye surgeries or injuries. In these cases, more care may be required to prevent irritation or complications.

New patient vs. established patient

If you are new to our office, we will set up extra time for your initial visit to allow our staff to get to know you better. At this time, we will discuss any eye or vision issues you are experiencing as well as general health history. We will also cover all options personalized for you and your well-being. Initial visits are more complex and therefore more expensive than follow up care or routine visits. Established patients will experience a shorter visit as our doctors have previous knowledge of you and any conditions you may have.

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